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About US
MAD J Holding is owned by Butter Knife Concepts and Bullheaded Studios

Butter Knife Concepts is owned by Dave and Autumn Hahn, husband and wife. The company is a side-project, or second job, to each of them. Dave is in software development (no, not in gaming), and Autumn is a hypnotherapist (no, not like quacking like a duck, unless you really want to, then sure, fine, that). They are the conceptual side of Eat the Villagers, having come up with the idea, the theme, the instructions, the flavor text, and making sure the play balances.

Bullheaded Studios is owned by Jorge Verea and Marcel Mercado, long-time friends. Jorge is in the studio full time working on coding, some art, and a lot of the business aspects. Marcel does the majority of the art, including designing all of the art for Eat the Villagers, and they share the creative aspect of game design for other projects they are developing.


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