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It is essential that this game fund on Kickstarter. This the the first project we are releasing, and we simply don't have the capital to produce the dice. We've gotten great advice from game designers and publishers and have whittled the project down to the smallest run possible.

Eat the Villagers is fun, simple, and you'll love it. Even non-gamers have said they can't wait to get a copy. Be sure to share your enthusiasm with your friends and family members to help fund our dream!

Why this project?

You've backed several projects on Kickstarter and you're wondering why you should back Eat the Villagers.  

We're a small company. This is our first project. We're not using crowdfunding to pay our rent. We're releasing our original idea. And, to be blunt, and we need this to get the game produced. 

 We made a great product, tested it thoroughly, and know it's good and you'll be happy with your purchase. We got the price down so that it is fair, the product is worth it, and the company is new but solid. 

We're keeping our pledge levels tiny so we don't overreach and will deliver exactly what we promise. But mostly, we want you connecting with your friends, laughing and sharing time together.


If it fails?

If the Kickstarter does not fund, we go back to the drawing board and try again. The app is already in development and we need each Eat the Villagers project to succeed for the sake of the other.

Once Eat the Villagers the dice game has funded and been delivered to you, we'll put even more effort into releasing the app so you can play it anywhere, with friends, with strangers, or against the computer.

Extra funding will go directly into making this reality happen even sooner.

Help us out. Make this campaign successful. Tell people you think the product looks worthy of their game night group. If you're backing it, you're backing us. We're grateful! And you telling others only helps get you the product in your hands faster.

A labor of love.

We've invested thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of hours, and three years of work into Eat the Villagers. We're not going anywhere. 

Butter Knife Concepts is working on 3 more games, currently: a card game for pre-schoolers, a 2-player card battle game based on mythology, and an apocalyptic themed 4-player cooperative board game.

Bullheaded Studios is working on several projects, including the app of Eat the Villagers and an app of a card battle game of their own design. They also have expansions planned for Eat the Villagers - so overflow our Kickstarter tip jar to get the Eat the Villager app out sooner!

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