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The Game

Each physical copy of Eat the Villagers comes with:
20 custom dice, 1 screenprinted drawstring bag, and the instructions. Kickstarter backers can elect to receive a custom-made zipper-top bag for secure storage and extra awesomeness, a Kickstarter exclusive!

We created it for adults

Eat the Villagers gets you and your friends laughing and talking together, making eye contact that is not distracted by the blue glow of your cell phones. We want your face time to be done with your faces. We knew our game had to be portable, small, easy to learn, and quick to play; and it is. Eat the Villagers fits in your pocket, takes 5 minutes to learn, and about 15 minutes to play. It's meant to be enjoyed between the time you've ordered your food and the time it arrives.

Throw a set in your carry on bag at the airport and strike up a conversation with your fellow commuters. This game is best with 2-10 players.

But kids love it, too

Having play tested Eat the Villagers literally tens of thousands of times, we've played with friends, colleagues, family members, and strangers. This included a bunch of children who said "What's that? A dragon!" And they were hooked, of course. Who doesn't want to be a hungry dragon eating crunchy villagers and getting vanquished by evil wizards and the pointy swords of knights? The game has elements of luck and strategy as you determine to press on or play it safe. The only skill children need is comprehension and basic counting (to 16), and we have played it successfully with 5 year olds - who were much more competitive than we'd imagined. 
Tuck a set in the glove compartment of your car to play while you wait on your pizza to be made, before the school play begins, or to kill time at the laundromat. After all, we want you talking and laughing with your tiny dragons, too!


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